KOTOBUKI SEATING Retractable & Telescopic Seating. It need short time and small action to have various layouts such as theater show, concert, musical, social dance, exhibition, event for children and more.

Theater & Auditorium

Chairs that promote the enjoyment of cultural or artistic events. Offering superb comfort, they allow audiences to focus on concerts, opera, ballet, theatrical productions and other stage performances.


Safe, reliable, durable products. Maximizing the excitement of the spectator experience. A huge range of designs is available for use both indoors and outdoors. Choose the ideal product for a wide variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, etc.

Assembly & Convention Hall

Formal assembly-hall chairs and desks. Characterized by a stately, modern design, they are appropriate for both chairman and speakers. Available in both fixed and moveable models. A product ideally suited to assembly rooms.

Movable chair

Station & Airport

Suitable for busy areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, etc. The chairs allow people to enjoy their relaxation time to the full. Sofas and benches in sophisticated designs.


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