Commercial Auditorium Entertainment Seating Manufacturer TSA-19

The TSA-19 of Auditorium Entertainment Seating Manufacturer from Kotobuki Sea can be utilized in many different environments including places of worship, auditoriums, cinemas, schools, and many other venues.It is extremely comfortable and will ensure your guests and patrons receive the very best in luxury seating.

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by Kotobuki Sea Co., Ltd.
  • Item feature: All of our models can be upholstered in a Polyester 3D Air mesh fabric to meet your needs. Our upholstery options are made for commercial use, with incredible durability and could be replaced easily. Nearly impervious to damage, they perform to commercial furniture manufacturing standards with Japan technology. Choose the color you want from our standard and some option such as writing table.

TSA-194281L (Low Back)
TSA-194281H (High Back)

TSA-194282L (Low Back)
TSA-194282H (High Back)



UpholsteryPolyester 3D Air mesh fabric
Color: T.B.C from KSF series
SeatRemovable upholstery cover on molded polyurethane foam
Frame: Pressed steel with serpentine springs
Gentle seat-rising system
BackrestUpholstery cover on polyurethane foam
Back panel: Molded plywood w/PU coating finish from KSW series
ArmrestSolid wood w/PU coating finish from KSW series
Aisle end panel: Plywood w/PU coating finish from KSW series
LegDie-casting aluminum alloy w/powder coating finish
Leg cover: Molded plastic
Floor fixed
Seat Width :W500mm~W550mm


Seat Bottom Panel


Options - Aisle Light / Row Letter / Seat Number / Removable Chair

Led Aisle Light & Row Letter-01

Row Letter-02

Seat Number

Seat Number (for-50;-53 series)


Anti-Panic Writing Tablet

  • If the writing tablet in use is flipped up to a certain angle by hand when one needs to leave to evacuate, it automatically rotates and folds into the storage position

Tip-up Mechanism

  • This mechanism allows the seats to rise gradually preventing the vibration and noise.
  • Lubricant-containing resin silencer (Erase the creaking sound).

Waveform Spring

  • The reaction force to the load becomes strong gradually, balance out in flat level.
  • Because pelvis & ischial tuberosity point are held in correct position, always keep the correct posture.
  • The correct posture is to improve the blood circulation and reduce fatigue in sitting for a long time.
  • It is adopted as luxury car seat.


Seat Cover Replacement

  • The seat cover can be replaced without any tool and without removing the seat from the chair.

Back Cover Replacement (TSA-50 series)

  • The back cushion can be removed and replaces using a one-touch mechanism.

Acoustic characteristics of chair suited to the hall application

Data was compiled on the types of chairs suitable for use in accordance with "JIS A 1406 Method of Measuring Reverberant Absorption Coefficient". Based on our rest data, the sound absorption power characteristics per chair are described.

Chairs suited to concert halls

There is most no sound absorption difference when the seat is unoccupied and optimal rehearsals can be carried out without being affected by the size of audience. Overall, the sound absorption power is small. The wooden back medium absorbs the low tone range while the audience absorbs the medium and high tone range, thus delivering a well-balanced, pleasant sound.

Chairs suited to movie theatres

In movie theatres, the sound field and sound effects are designed in advance according to the sound produced by speakers of the theatre. For the reason, adjustment are made within theatres to eliminate excessive reverberation, therefore chairs that do not overly reflect sound and that raises the sound absorption power are required.


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