BLMA-1500 Series


Standard Outdoor Stadium Fixed Seating BLMA-1500

The BLMA-1500 is the standard product from Kotobuki Sea for Outdoor Stadium Fixed Seating. Designing, manufacturing and assembling seats for stadium and public entertainment area, from grandstands for large stadiums to football grounds,sports halls and arenaseating bleachers in general.

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by Kotobuki Sea Co., Ltd.
  • Item feature: Stylish single-piece with backrest type. Round curved shape to hold the body. The high-density polyethylene blow molded with impact durability. Fixture surface. Sealed around their entire perimeter to prevent dirt from inside the seats, and in turn, making it easy to clean.



Option seat shell color

KSB-51_Fiery Red

KSB-52_Nectarine Orange

KSB-53_Mustang Brown

KSB-54_Skype driver Blue

KSB-55_Verdant Green

KSB-56_Simply Taupe Gray

KSB-57_Atmosphere Gray

KSB-58_Golden Glow

KSB-59_Cyan Blue

KSB-60_Brick Red

KSB-61_Parachute Purple

KSB-62_Caviar Black

KSB-63_Drizzle Gray

KSB-64_Bright White

KSB-65_Twilight Blue


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