Seminar Public Fixed Seating Desks SDA-700-79M

With lecture furniture, Kotobuki Sea offers Public Fixed Seating Deskswith SDA-700-79M product for your needs. This up-graded lecture hall seating is good for lecture room, academic conference. New style desk and seat gives elegant and high-class feeling for the outside seminar and lecture room.

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by Kotobuki Sea Co., Ltd.
  • Item feature: A lecture desk and chair of back passing through type, chair-foot made of molded aluminum with durable.There is also comfortable cushioning even long time sitting, and the seat structure provide the room in a foot area and stable standing-sitting and passing through.



Backrest/Seat: Molded Plywood

Backrest: Molded Plywood. Seat: With Upholstered pad

Backrest/Seat: With Upholstered pad


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