Multipurpose Retractable Seating Platform System

Kotobuki Sea provides a great solution with Multipurpose Retractable Seating Platform System for multipurpose rooms, arenas, conference facilities and lecture halls. It isa really-well designed and practical seating system, which allows you to use the space to its full potential.franck muller replica watches

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by Kotobuki Sea Co., Ltd.
  • Item feature: We provides precision engineered seating-system which enables indoor and outdoor facilities to be rapidly transformed with minimum disruption. In addition, we also provide some functions for this seating system for many purpose using.
  • Partial opening:The partial opening system allows the user to open a certain number of the row from the front of the system upwards. The user slots a key into the relevant slot at the front of the unit todetermine how many rows to open.
  • Truncation:The truncation system allows the customer to close a certain number of rows from the front of the system upwards. The first row is raised to allow for better sightlines or to allow a viewover an obstruction.
  • Safety rails:Required on open ends of telescopic seating system. Our self-storing rails offer a great convenience. These are designed to meet all current national building code requirements.Removable rails are also available.
  • Type:We have variety type of Retractable Seating Platform system for your needs.
  • Type F:Fixed Type
  • Type R:Recessed Type
  • Type M:Mobile Type
  • Type V:Travelling Type
  • Operation:Our system is available for Manual operation & Power Operation.
  • Installed project: We understand that making the most of valuable space is a challenge for every venue manager. Kotobuki Sea’s producthas proved to be flexible and extremely reliable and blends well with the aesthetics of the building. We regularly receive positive feedback from our customers, who comment how comfortable the chairs are.You can refer some convention and lecture halls where we installed such as: Ho Chi Minh Dream Plex 2, School of North America, Viet Nam Television S7.

The units are fitted to the floor and wall and stay in place once retracted.


The units are fitted under a balcony or in a recess. This can allow rear access from the balcony, or maintain a tidy appearance.


The units can be moved to a separate location for storage once closed.


Travelling unit which is driven as a complete block from its stored position (max 12 rows).


Power operated systems, which may consist of multiple sets of platforms joined together, can be effortlessly opened and closed using a single removable hand controller.


For smaller systems, manual operation is available, with platforms opening via a simple removable handle. The units are designed for low rolling resistance and good tracking.




Row Depths650mm (For benches), 800, 850, 900, 950, 1000mm
Row Rises260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380mm


Front Rails

Front rails can be used where the front row is elevated.

Rear Rails

Rear rails should be used if there is a drop behind the unit.


Decorative fascias can be supplied in front of each row to hide and fill in gaps of each row


Drapes can be supplied to disguise understructure and prevent unwanted access.


Suitable for theatre or hall

Aisle Light
Removable Rails
Self Storing Rails
Hydraulic Truck
Hover Truck


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