Retractable Theatre Folding Chairs System CS-01

Whether you are holding a lecture or convention events, you can rely on Retractable Theatre Folding Chairs CS-01 from Kotobuki Sea to seat all of guests most comfortably. Thesefolding chairs provide a multi-functional and fast way for seating attendees ideallyBest Replica Watches

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by Kotobuki Sea Co., Ltd.
  • Item feature: Our product saves space and provide comfortable support for users, these chairs are lightweight and very easy to control. When in use, the seats simply fold out from the wall to use as a comfortable chair. We have many types of seating available in a wide variety of finishes and cushion material types to meet your needs.
  • Installed project: Kotobuki Sea have a variety of auditorium seating and fixed chairs for conference rooms, university and college classrooms, and more. Chairs are available in multiple types of configurations depending on your seating area and space needs. Check out our website to see more the auditorium seating options available or contact us for more options. Some places where we installed could be your reference: Tan Tao University, Can Tho Television, University of Information Technology.



Seat & BackrestUpholstered
Chair width
* CS-01
* Cs-01T

480~540mm (10mm Pitch)
510~570mm (10mm Pitch)
Seat Height430mm / 450mm


Seat Number/Row Letter

Seat Number

Row Letter


To be black molded ABS (CS-01T)

To be fully upholstered(CS-01)

To be solid beech, finished with 2 coats of pre-catalysed clear lacquer

To be black molded ABS


Backrest / Seat color

White Grey

Lime Yellow



(84-251) 393.6272
Lot 104/6, Amata Road 24-2-4, Amata Industrial Park Dong Nai Vietnam


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