BLMA-8000 Series


BLMA-8000 Football Stadium Arena Chairs Supplier

The BLMA-8000 is one of Kotobuki Sea’s standard product for Football Stadium Arena Chairs. We are proud to become a leader of seating supplier for sports hall seats, retractable seating system for multipurpose grandstand, because our product is designed for comfort, durability and value.

  • Item feature: Offering the very best in comfort, aesthetics and quality, the BLMA-8000 is constructed from double-skinned blow molded high-density polyethylene. The seat and back are ergonomically curved to support spectators even as they turn to watch the action. It is a very special version of the chair suitable for outdoor or humid conditions.



Option seat shell color

KSB-51_Fiery Red

KSB-52_Nectarine Orange

KSB-53_Mustang Brown

KSB-54_Skype driver Blue

KSB-55_Verdant Green

KSB-56_Simply Taupe Gray

KSB-57_Atmosphere Gray

KSB-58_Golden Glow

KSB-59_Cyan Blue

KSB-60_Brick Red

KSB-61_Parachute Purple

KSB-62_Caviar Black

KSB-63_Drizzle Gray

KSB-64_Bright White

KSB-65_Twilight Blue


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